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 One of my stories, The Abduction of Hades, inspired a very talented individual to make a podfic! I am so honored. 

Happy Kermit

No Foolin'

Monday, April 1st, 2019 07:10 pm
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For the most part, anxiety and depression have been kicking my butt. However, today I had what I think is a tiny mental health break-though. Read more... )
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In the [community profile] everywoman exchange, I received two awesome gifts. They both relate to the ancient Greek myth of Hecate. There is one work of art and one story. Both are worth taking a look at.

Then, for my birthday, my favorite writer wrote a story in my favorite Alternative Universe (AU) series. *SQUEE!* The fandom is Weiss Kreuz, but I don’t think you need to know it to enjoy the AU series. My birthday story is here.

Then for [community profile] yuletide, I got the fix-it story of my dreams. I love the show Crazy Head, but it ends on a cliffhanger. It was canceled, so there isn’t going to be anymore. An unknown writer wrote the perfect coda to the series.

If you don’t know what Crazy Head is, then take a look at the trailer here. The series is available on Netflix. Watch Crazy Head, then read this excellent story.

Finally, all year [personal profile] gemspegasus has been giving me the most lovely and fun art and icons, including the icon used in this post.

Fandom has really come through for me this year. I feel so grateful to be part of this community.

Mental Health Stuff

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018 07:22 pm
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Okay. I feel like I am not using this journal because I am trying to avoid talking about the mental health stuff I've been dealing with. I want to use the journal. I am just going to talk about it. 

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Questions and supportive comments are welcome. 

AO3 Weirdness

Sunday, November 25th, 2018 12:01 pm
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So, it looks like the fandom tag for Weiß Kreuz is gone. All the stories previously marked with that fandom tag just don't have a fandom listed. That includes most of my stories. The Weiss Kreuz tag is untouched, however.

Edit: AO3 know about the issue and it is fixed!

Happy Shout Out

Monday, August 20th, 2018 08:28 pm
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My generous and talented friend, [personal profile] gemspegasus made some beautiful art for me.

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This biography of C. J. Walker was written by her great great granddaughter A'Lelia Bundle. It was predictably faltering and somewhat dry. But I did learn a lot about Ms. Walker, and even more about writing for 6 to 9 year-olds. I knew that Ms. Walker (Sarah Breedlove) was America's first self-made millionaire. I did not know about her political activism. I am more impressed with Ms. Walker that I was before. 
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I have been meaning to read this incredibly short book since high school. I finally got around to reading it last month in honor of Black History Month. It was the first book published by a black woman in America. It was published in 1773.

To me, the most interesting, and enraging part of the book was that the author was examined by a group of respectable white men because people did not believe that a black woman could have written the book.

As to the content of the poems, I can recognize the talent. However, I am very much not the intended audience for the book. The author is very Christian and the book has a Christian focus.

Many, many of the poems in the book are directed toward people whose loved one's died. They are all on the theme that the loved one is much better off in heaven and that people remaining alive should not be sad. That was probably a kind thing to write in the 1770s, but to me the poems--and there were MANY--came off as insensitive and ghoulish.

There were also things that I liked about the book, and I may write more later. But these were my strongest impressions and I have a headache, so I am calling it good for now.
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Almost forgot, a couple of weeks ago I read "Some Words with a Mummy". It's a genuinely funny short story by Edgar Allan Poe.
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Personal Note: Years ago, when I first started role playing Fujimiya Aya, I decided that The Count of Monte Cristo would be his favorite book. At the time, someone mocked me because I chose a book that I was familiar with but had not read. Now that I finished the audiobook, I am certain that I could not have chosen better for Aya as I wished to portray him, vengeful romantic that he is. 

Impressions: The book is significantly longer than anything I would typically choose to read or listen to. There were moments when it was exciting and moments when I was bored to the point of annoyance. My favorite parts were during Dantes' imprisonment and escape. My least favorite parts involved the fashionable people of Paris. Furthermore, one of the main romances of the book fell completely flat for me be the weakling, submissive twit of a girl involved in seemed entirely unworthy of the brave young man who loved her. Overall, the gender politics involved in the book were painful.

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In spite of my complaints, I enjoyed the book overall. It reminded me of the person that I want to be. 

The version I heard was admirably narrated by Bill Homewood. 
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 I discovered Maya Angelou when I was in my early teens. The two first poems that I encountered, Still I Rise and Phenomenal Woman, are my two favorite poems that she has written. After reading more of her work, I have developed something of a love-hate relationship with it. She is obviously very talented. After having read His Day Is Done: A Nelson Mandela Tribute, I would add that she is also obviously very lazy--or at least she was on the occasion of writing this poem. I was disappointed that such an unremarkable piece of literature was penned for a man led such a remarkable life.  
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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas

by Frederick Douglas, Narrated by Stephen Anderson (3 hours 44 minutes)

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I was touched to find that [personal profile] gemspegasus made beautiful fan art for me. Check it out here.

Thank you, [personal profile] gemspegasus for making my day brighter. I tried my hand at reciprocating. Gift icons under the cut.

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