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bardsley: three beautiful women (Raphael: Three Graces)

Nothing of Importance

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Created on 2013-07-17 00:56:28 (#2054721), last updated 2019-03-21 (13 hours ago)

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Birthdate:Oct 23
Contact Information:
dream . departed @ gmail . com

Relevant Personal Information:
I am considerably older than 18 and I enjoy writing fan fiction. Please use she/her pronouns for me.

I love comments! Feel free to comment on new or old stories. Please don’t be put off if I don’t respond right away.

Please feel free to request something that you would like me to write. I cannot promise to fulfill the request, but I will receive it gratefully.

Transformative Works:
I give blanket permission for transformative works for any completed story that I have posted as long as such actions are for non-commercial use and I am credited as the original author. This includes podfics, remixes, translations, art, or anything else. I would be terribly flattered that something that I wrote inspired someone. Also, if you would like to archive my stories anywhere, that would be fine too. I would be grateful if you would send me a link to the transformative work or let me know where my stories are being archived, but that is not required.

Interests (81):

1960s protest music, 20th century literature, art, astronomy, body acceptance, british comedies, characters who happen to be women, coffee shops, custom layouts, daydreaming, developed characters, disability rights, diversity, equal opportunity, fan analysis, fan art, fan communities, fan fiction, feminism, film criticism, fingernail polish, folklore, free wifi, freedom, friendship, genre blending, going to movies, horror and suspense, human rights, i feel sick, icons, if you want to write, imagination as self-preservation, impressionist paintings, inclusive language, intersectionality, issa’s poetry, labyrinth, learning, learning to code, libraries, linguistics, long baths, love, mental health, mermaids, movies, music, musical mashups, mythology, nonbinary acceptance, not giving up, npr, own voices, pansexuality, plots that pay off, podcasts, poetry, rain, rationality, reading scripts, recovery, representation in art/media, respect, self-expression, so bad it’s good, social justice, spirituality, star trek tos, stephen crane’s poetry, style and substance, support for invisible illnesses, survival, tea, text-based role playing, thoughtful worldbuilding, unicorns, water, wellness, writing, writing fan fiction
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